Finishes applied to our cabinets and back

Finishes applied to our cabinets and back

Valpar Duraspeed


Water Based Oil-Modified Polyurethane



This coating is idealfor kitchen and bathroom cabinets, office furniture, architectural millwork andstore fixtures. The environmentally friendly formula also yields a finish thatis safe for consumers that are sensitive to harsh chemicals. This product canbe sprayed with conventional, HVLP, airless, or air-assisted airless equipmentand requires no viscosity reduction before use.



·        HAPS-free/Low VOC 

·        Low Odor 

·        Non-Flammable 

·        Water Clean-up 

·        Formaldehyde-free/Isocyanate-free 


·        Ready-to-Spray Viscosity 

·        Self-Seal System 

·        No Catalyst Needed as Packaged,however product may be catalyzed with Zenith™ Waterborne CV Catalyst forenhanced chemical resistance 

·        Fast Dry-to-Sand and Recoat Times(40 minutes to sand and recoat) 

·        Excellent Flow and LevelingProperties 

·        Durability


·        Passes all KCMA Standards whenproperly applied and cured 

·        Excellent UV Resistance 

·        Enhanced Performance with Catalyst

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